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Spumante Brut
The wine's name, CREDE, refers to clayey terrains with subsoils of marine sandstone situated in the hills where the Prosecco, Verdiso and Pinot Bianco vines do not suffer from drought in critical periods. The grapes develop a notable wealth of noble acids, aromas and fruitiness. ZONE: Conegliano-Valdobbiadene DOC in Treviso province of the Veneto region. GRAPES: Prosecco, Pinot Bianco and Verdiso. COLOR: Brilliant straw yellow with a perlage consisting of a myriad of minute and persistent bubbles. BOUQUET: Scents of wildflowers that are appropriately Intense and fresh and an emerging and agreeable note of fruitiness. FLAVOR: As in the bouquet, there are fruity hints of apples and pears and their harmony is completed by a rich and refined sapidity. The wine has 11.5 deg. of alcohol and is remarkably drinkable. Serve at 9 deg. C. (48 deg. F.) outside meals, as an aperitif, or with light foods. Recommended goblet: Chalice.

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